Sunday, May 31, 2009


3rd semester - August 2008, and I had a chance to do what I always wanted to. Build myself a fully functional electric guitar!

The course & the project: Computer Aided Product Design [CAPD], To design a product using computer tools for reverse engineering geometry and intent, design evaluation, modification and prototyping, in my case an electric guitar. This was clearly my favorite course so far and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The course is spread over 5 months and requires a working prototype to be made as a testament to the design effectiveness. The idea of making an electric guitar initially didn’t go well as a course topic, since it was a complex and technically multifaceted project. It took three weeks and three presentations for the project to be approved by my faculty, to whom I’m really grateful.

3D rendering showing the direction of the project [helped a lot in terms of geting aproval for the project]. Shown below - Graphic details on the body of the guitar.

Machining the body was my favorite part of the project, CNC mill on the wood was just awesome to look at. A big thanx to Prof. Ananth Suresh, Balaji and Ravi from Advanced prototyping lab.

Below: Assembly and testing of electronics, Neel was a great help with the new circuit.

Thanx to Urvesh for his sublime skills in photography, he positioned the guitar and created an environment as close to the CAD rendering as possible, Looks great, doesn't it?

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  1. Your guitar rocks man!! A dream project realised